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Discover Zoomies, our amazing employees behind Zoom's products and business. In this page, we'll share with you more about who's behind the scenes, more on who they are, backgrounds, careers journeys and how they end up where they are today. 

I joined Zoom during the pandemic. I moved to new country, I had to build up an absolutely new network here in Amsterdam, new colleagues and you are just working from home. What I loved was seeing people, of course, in the camera every day, but what brought also happiness to me was meeting them all in-person. 

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A unique, diverse workforce

Our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging team, which is central to Zoom’s culture helps us build a stronger workforce and community by ensuring we’re identifying, recruiting, and hiring Zoomies who come from diverse backgrounds.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Take part in Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) — employee-driven, volunteer groups that foster DEI in the workplace and encourage employee engagement and support.





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Software Developer, Remote - US

As a team, we believe that it is important for members to feel challenged, engaged, and excited by the work they are doing. To achieve this, we try to remain flexible and allow team members to select the tasks that they find most interesting and challenging for each sprint. This helps to ensure that team members are working on projects that they are passionate about, which can help to keep them engaged and motivated.



Software Engineer, Intern

I created a test automation project for Zoom whiteboard that my team will be expanding on in the next couple of months. I researched and experimented with different tools and testing conventions we could use and wrote a series of tests using my findings. At the end of my internship, I presented and demoed my project to the team, which will be using my research, documentation, and code to implement test automation on a large scale for the whiteboard and other Zoom products this fall.



Software Engineer, Intern

What I love most about being a Zoom intern is the incredible level of trust. There is a lot of space to make complex decisions and steer your project in a direction that seeks to maximize impact. Everyone trusts you to deliver your best work, all the while creating an atmosphere of all-around support to allow for professional, mental, and physical growth. I worked on test automation with the Zoom Events team, which included the entire scope from strategy to production. Being a huge enthusiast of efficiency, it was great to see a quicker turnaround for all things related to a product that so many people love and use.

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Social impact

Zoom Cares is our social impact arm, which leverages the power of our people, philanthropy, and product to help build a future where all people and the environment are cared for. Our employees work on a special volunteer opportunity with Zoom Cares to make important impacts in our global community.

Impact Focus

We center our grantmaking on intersectional issues experienced by marginalized communities, with an emphasis on uplifting students and young people who deserve a more just and sustainable future.




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