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"I really like being able to see tangible impact. I think that's something that a lot of engineers at Zoom can resonate with. It's a committed process where if you want to make something happen, you are pretty likely going to see it in an upcoming release."

Raven, Remote (NY)


We are problem-solvers that design solutions for cutting-edge AI problems with our customers and users in mind, working across several Natural Language Processing areas – such as Speech-to-Text, translation, and conversation AI – to improve our products. You assist the team by researching state of the art ML models, building services that support Zoom, collaborating with internal teams to integrate services, and analyzing models to measure and improve on AI/ML performance.

AI/ML Roles

"As an engineer, I've had the ability to grow and learn from other engineers within Zoom. That's helped me not only to challenge myself within Zoom but overall in my career and goals. A huge part of taking on these projects has been ownership. I think having this culture of ‘if there's something that you feel like could be done, we want you to take ownership to create those things’ has been amazing. It’s allowed me to challenge myself to go to the next level, but with a flexibility that I really enjoy."

Joan, Remote (IL)

Audio & Video Engineering

Our teams design and use various models – such as machine learning, neural network algorithms and architectures, and image/video processing algorithms – to build the best meetings possible. Through analyzing large amounts of audio and video data, we conduct research and performance evaluations to create better experiences.

Audio & Video Engineering Roles

"The spirit of wanting to see each other succeed and lifting each other up is really exciting. We're trying to solve these challenges of communication at scale across the entire globe, so you're constantly being presented with really deep, fundamental questions about the future of communications. Being able to turn to your colleagues and feel like you're pioneering what those answers are going to be is a really invigorating process that builds a camaraderie among the team."

Andy, Remote (CA)


We develop and manage all of Zoom’s internal applications and systems where information is stored, including Workday. Our teams support Zoom’s infrastructure, helping other internal teams understand information storage and various technological systems.

CIO Roles

"When I look for jobs, there are three things that are very important. Number one, having challenging projects. Number two, the people I work with. I want to work with great people: not only are they smart, but they are humble and willing to help each other. Number three, the company. I want to say to my family and friends that I work for this company, and I'm proud of it. The company also tries to make the employees happy. That's why I chose Zoom."

Sonny, Remote (HI)

Client Engineering

Use your knowledge of native desktop client application programming to help scale Zoom’s programs on various platforms. Through close collaboration with teams such as product designers, project and product managers, and DevOps, you will help resolve product issues and drive engineering releases to enhance application performance and delight customers.

Client Engineering Roles

"The exciting and rewarding part about working at Zoom is being able to create change. Everyone around you has so much empathy and wants to collaborate and solve the problem. At Zoom, your colleagues will hear you and care about you. They will work on the issues that matter and find a solution that works for you. I think this is one of the things that is fundamentally different about Zoom compared to other enterprises."

Shishir, Remote (CAN-ON)


We focus on delivering a best in-class ecosystem for our customers. As engineers, our team emphasizes architecture, diligent planning, and fast paced execution to achieve scalable growth and develop solutions.

Online Roles

"The Zoom team has a solid comfort zone for employees. I feel it from the director of my organization all the way down to how my coworkers and I treat each other. It's a level of trust, concern, and empathy for co-workers on the other end of the line. At Zoom, I feel like I can come to work any day and absolutely bring my best."

Jon, Remote (Bay Area)

Product Engineering

Our teams are responsible for developing and improving Zoom's unified communication as a service (UCaaS) products. Through close collaboration, we create the Zoom products you know and love that help people stay connected. In joining the engineering team, you’ll have the chance to work on Zoom products such as meetings, phone, whiteboard, apps, and more.

Product Engineering Roles

"There's always that culture of ‘don't worry that you don't know something, we'll get to it.’ That gives you the ability to really build on what you already do know, to figure out what you don't yet know, and to get people involved and really collaborate to find the solution to a problem."

Derek, San Jose (CA)


We manage all security applications and approach each task from a digital security perspective to protect Zoom and our customer’s data. Our engineers follow a red team-blue team cybersecurity simulation in which the red team attempts to exploit potential weaknesses using sophisticated attack techniques, and the blue team responds to those attacks.

Security Roles
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"The culture of Zoom is a culture of care. We want to make sure we care for our customers, we care for the community, and we care for each other as well. Even when the going gets tough, at Zoom, we feel like we are making a difference. When working a job, the two things that I look for are, ‘What difference do you make through the job?’ And ‘What difference does your company make in the world?’ I don’t think I have worked or will work for any other company that will make a bigger impact on the world than Zoom."



Velchamy Sankarlingam

President of Product and Engineering

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