How Creative Ticketing Helps You Get More Out of Your Virtual Events

Zoom Events helps you to seamlessly create and manage virtual events of any size. In addition to providing event managers and hosts with valuable tools like event hubs, interactive chat-enabled lobbies, and comprehensive event reporting, Zoom Events allows you to flexibly customize registration and ticketing.

Customizable ticketing and registration assure you can tailor the event experience for your specific audiences. With the ability to assign various roles for attendees, including alternative host, panelist, speaker, moderator, sponsor, and interpreter, hosts have a lot of ways to segment how people experience their event. This flexibility provides a variety of options for ticketing your event and simplifies how you manage and support your attendees.

Here are some ideas to get creative with — and get added value out of — your Zoom Events ticketing:

Early bird 

Set up early-bird tickets to generate early buzz or gauge interest in a particular topic. You can even use this ticket type to inform the rest of the event, including when to beef up a section that isn’t getting as much traction or putting additional resources behind a panel that’s generating a lot of interest.

Content tracks

Most large events and conferences will benefit from specific content tracks. Hosting a medical conference? Tiering out tickets by specialty delivers a better experience for your attendees and also simplifies events offering continuing education credits.

You can send individual track links to specific groups of people if you know which track will be of interest. Or if the guest list isn’t as clear, you can invite everyone and let them choose which track to attend.

Pro tip: Have fun with the ticket naming to add some personalization (e.g., World’s Greatest Dentists!, First-Year Superstars, etc.) and create a bonding moment among attendees! 

VIP tickets

How are you showing love to your top customers and partners? Try nurturing your most important relationships by offering VIP tickets that provide greater access, higher value, and more ways to engage.

Hybrid (free and paid) experiences

Hybrid events featuring both in-person and online experiences are a unique way to engage your audiences. Try offering paid tickets for an exclusive in-person experience and then market the virtual portion with free tickets.

Networking track

Want to allow your attendees to interact more with each other throughout your event? Create a track that contains all Zoom Meetings sessions, so attendees can continue the conversation with one another throughout the event. Assign moderators and topics for each of these sessions to keep the conversation flowing. 

Keynote only

Set up a keynote option to get attendees to your flagship session and other sessions that may be of interest. For example, you could send a free keynote ticket to all attendees, then offer a paid option to see a celebrity emcee interview your CEO or exclusive music performance to raise money for charity.

For orientation at colleges and universities, you may want to provide a ticket for all students to attend the keynote and then break into separate tracks with tickets tailored for specific majors, departments, and even educators. 

Get started today

To learn more about Zoom Events tickets, roles, permissions, and how to set them up, read our support article. To get started using Zoom Events for your internal and external experiences, contact a Zoom product specialist today!

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