An Enhanced User Interface for Zoom Rooms Devices

A reliable and consistent experience is a hallmark of an enterprise-grade communications solution. To help provide our customers with a more consistent experience, we’ve redesigned the user interface of our Zoom Rooms solution. The new UI aligns with the Zoom desktop and mobile client, matches Zoom’s current branding, and also provides an optimized information architecture to better meet user needs.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new Zoom Rooms UI:

Introducing the new Zoom Rooms UI

While our first iteration of Zoom Rooms targeted conference rooms, we’ve expanded the Zoom Rooms to support a growing set of devices – small, medium, large screens, landscape, and portrait mode orientation. Zoom redesigned the UI for Zoom Rooms for Touch and Zoom Rooms Controller devices. This new UI, built on a scalable framework, will allow us to offer the same, consistent experience on a range of devices while also enabling our customers to access Zoom innovations more quickly. 

Zoom Mango UIZoom Mango UI

The new Zoom Rooms UI more closely matches the layout of our desktop client. With features and functionalities such as start a scheduled meeting, make a phone call, call a contact, share content from your device, start an instant meeting, and more available at the click of a button, the new Zoom Rooms UI promises a more seamless and consistent meeting experience.

Mango UIMango UI

With this new design, the look and feel of Zoom Rooms for Touch and Zoom Rooms Controller devices have been updated. You should expect to see some changes regarding how you access certain functionality, so we have a new user guide to help walk you through the new experience. 

Frequently asked questions 

When was the new Zoom Rooms UI rolled out? 

We began updating the Zoom Rooms UI in summer 2021 with an update for the Zoom Rooms for Touch user interface. The UI for the Zoom Rooms Controller was updated on iOS and Android Zoom Rooms Controllers in December 2021 with the release of Zoom Rooms version 5.10.0 alongside other updates to Zoom Rooms. 

Is the new Zoom Rooms UI available on all platforms and devices? 

The new UI is currently available on all Zoom Rooms for Touch devices with version 5.7.0 and above, while the new UI for Zoom Rooms Controllers is available on iOS and Android Zoom Rooms Controllers with version 5.9.0 and above. Updates to the in-meeting controls or Zoom Rooms Controllers, including out-of-meeting controls for Zoom Room Controllers for Windows and web browsers, are available with version 5.10 and above. 

The new UI is designed to work on all Zoom Rooms devices and is also available on Zoom for Home and personal Zoom Room devices with the supported Zoom Rooms and Controller versions. 

Can I switch between the old UI and new UI?

Zoom Rooms on the latest version of the Zoom client will have the new UI, and there is no ability for users to switch between the new and old UI. However, our new interface provides a streamlined and simplified layout that is similar to our desktop client, providing an experience that is easy to navigate.

For more information on how to navigate the new Zoom Rooms experience, please visit our support page.

Editor’s note 4/18/2022 – This blog was originally published 2/25/2022.

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