Zoom's Workstyles

In this era of work transformation, Zoom is enabling a flexible working environment for our employees. Work is no longer just a place but a space where we come together to collaborate in different ways.

We offer modern working arrangements that accommodate our increasingly dispersed global employees — coupled with tools, resources, and principles to guide our new work reality. Our goal is to empower, enable and deliver happiness to our employees. 

We make Zoom’s Workstyles employee-led because we trust our teams — our individual contributors as well as our managers — to do their best work from wherever they feel the most comfortable, and to leverage the Zoom platform to do this as we navigate our new work styles together.

Zoom employees choose from three work styles, based on which fits them best according to the following guidelines:

In Person: Employees hired with the purpose to be in the office daily, as defined by the role and responsibilities. This applies to a select number of roles and, if this is the case, the job description will state the role must be In Person.  

Remote: Employees who live beyond a reasonable commute from their closest Zoom office or who do not plan to go into an office on a regular basis. Remote employees are welcome into Zoom offices, if they choose to go in periodically or for certain events. 

Hybrid: Employees within a reasonable commuting distance who choose to go into an office a certain number of days a week or month regularly. 

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For any role not marked as In Person, the employee can select to be Remote or Hybrid. Zoom does not mandate how many days or which days Hybrid employees need to be in an office.